Relaxation Massage: 

Relaxation Massage is a smooth flowing style that helps with general relaxation, improves circulation, range of motion and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed!


1/2hr     $50
3/4hr          $70 
1hr  $80
1 1/4hr  $100
1 1/2hr  $120



Therapeutic Massage:

Therapeutic Massage is a deep tissue massage that helps eliminate discomfort and pain in specific areas which will also increase flexibility.  Helps alleviate pain, soreness, and chronic discomfort with skilled manipulation of the muscles by our therapists.  

*Always let the Therapist know about specific pressure needed.*


1/2hr  $50
3/4hr  $70
1hr  $80
1 1/4hr  $100
1 1/2hr  $120


Mommy to Be Massage (Pregnancy):

This pregnancy massage will help with tired, tender areas to relieve tension and sore muscles as your body changes during pregnancy.  You have the option of using a pregnancy cushion, or side-lying with pillows.  *Please advise when booking which option you would prefer*


1/2hr $55 
3/4hr  $75
 1hr  $85





Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique that uses plastic cups to create a vacuum affect, which helps alleviate fascial restrictions and bring new blood to the area.  The cups can be placed on various parts of the body and left on for 5-10 mins or they can be moved around the body for a deeper massage that helps with muscle tension, aches & pains.  Cupping can be added to any length of massage service.

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 $10 extra 


Facial Cupping:

In facial rejuvenation with cupping therapy the same results are obtained as in facial acupuncture, but without the needles.  Specially designed cups for the face to help bring blood flow & oxygen to the muscles, as well as drain lymph fluid.  Along with facial rejuvenation facial cupping helps with symptoms of TMJ(temporal mandibular joint) & headaches.  Best results can be found by coming every week for 8 weeks.

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Initial Facial Cupping             30 mins               $60

Subsequent Facial Cupping  30 mins               $55


Rattan (Bamboo) Massage:


Rattan (Bamboo) is a massage using solid bamboo that can be heated or cooled to help loosen tight muscle tissue and reduce inflammation.  This type of massage can be done over clothes, seated, or incorporated with regular massage.  Various types & lengths of bamboo are used to aid in relaxation & therapeutic techniques.

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One area of the body only      $5 add on to any length of massage

60 mins Full Body                   $ 90

75 mins Full Body                   $110

90 mins Full Body                   $130 


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